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Bosch Rexroth DBDH6G1X/315 Pressure relief valve, direct operated

Brand: Bosch Rexroth
Code: R900424197
Pressure relief valve, direct operated Type DBD

Type DBD pressure relief valves are direct operated seat valves. They are used for limiting a system pressure. The valves consist mainly of a sleeve, spring, poppet with damping piston or ball and adjustment type. The system pressure can be set steplessly via the adjustment type. The spring pushes the poppet or the ball onto the seat. The P channel is connected to the system. The pressure in the system acts on the poppet surface (or ball). If the pressure in channel P exceeds the value set at spring, the poppet or the ball opens against spring. The hydraulic fluid flows out of the P channel into channel T. The stroke of the poppet is limited by the embossing. To achieve a good pressure adjustment over the entire pressure range, the entire pressure range has been divided into 7 pressure ratings. A pressure rating corresponds to a specific spring for a maximum adjustable operating pressure.

  • Adjustment type for pressure adjustment: Rotary knob
  • Nominal size: 6 (port G1/4")
  • Working pressure max.: 400 bar
  • Type of connection: for threaded connection
  • Pressure rating: 315 bar
  • Seal material: NBR
  • Line connection: Pipe thread according to ISO 228/1
  • Equipment Directive: without type-examination procedure
More information:
1,6 kg
Inner thread (1):
Working pressure max. (bar):
400 bar
Set pressure:
315 bar
€ 158,72
Shipping and VAT are not included

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