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Bosch Rexroth AZPF-12-008RNT20MB External gear pump

Brand: Bosch Rexroth
Code: R918C00314
External Gear Pump High Performance Series AZPF

It is the central task of external gear pumps to convert mechanical energy (torque and speed) into hydraulic energy (flow and pressure). To reduce heat losses, Rexroth’s external gear units offer very high efficiencies. They are realized by pressure-dependent gap sealing and highly precise production technology.

Rexroth external gear pumps are built in four frame sizes: Platform B, F, N and G. Within each platform different displacements can be realized by different gear widths. The pumps are available in the versions Standard, High-Performance, SILENCE und SILENCE PLUS. Further configuration variants are given by different flanges, shafts, valve arrangements and multiple pump combinations.

The external gear pump consists essentially of a pair of gear wheels supported in bearing bushes and the housing with a front and a rear cover.


The drive shaft protrudes from the front cover where it is usually sealed by the shaft seal ring. The bearing forces are absorbed by slide bearings. These are designed for high pressures and have excellent dry-running qualities, especially at low rotational speeds. The gear wheels have 12 teeth. This keeps both flow pulsation and noise emission to a minimum.

The internal sealing of the pressure chambers is achieved by operating pressure-dependent forces. This ensures optimum efficiency. On the outer face, the movable bearing bushes are pressurized with operating pressure and pressed as seals against the gear wheels. Special seals form the boundary of the pressurized zone. The radial sealing at the tips of the gear teeth against the case is provided by smallest possible gaps that are formed pressure-dependent between the gear wheels and the housing.


  • Consistent high quality based on large-volume production
  • Long service life
  • Slide bearings for high loads
External gear pump
  • High Performance, Platform F
  • Series: Standard bearing
  • Version: Chromatized, pinned
  • Size: 008
  • Direction of rotation: Clockwise
  • Drive shaft: Dihedral claw
  • Suitable front cover: M, L, T
  • Front cover: 4-bolt mounting ø52 mm with seal ring
  • Line port: Rectangular flange
  • Seals: NBR
  • Rear cover: without valve (Standard)
  • € 266,00
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