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Hydro-Funk GmbH


Our company provides competent engineering services in conjunction with technical design development.

Hydro-Funk Engineering Team is ready to assist your company with its hydraulic requirements. Hydro-Funk GmbH experienced engineering staff will work with your designers to develop with cost effective solutions. Hydro-Funk has over ten years of design experience in the application, selection and manufacture of standard and special hydraulic components, hydraulic systems and integrated hydraulic manifolds.

Areas of Design specialization include:
  • System Design and Component Selection.
  • Hydraulic Servo and Proportional Control Systems.
  • Hydraulic Power Units in Fixed, Variable and Multiple Pump Types.
  • Miniature Hydraulic Systems.
  • Pump Applications and Hydrostatic Drives.
  • Heat Transfer Systems Utilizing Shell & Tube Type Coolers and Air to Liquid Radiators.
  • Specialized Component and Actuator Engineering.
Computer aided design - Cost Reduction - Continuing Improvment

Our in-house engineering capability includes an experienced CAD design and production team equipped with the latest in 3D computer modeling, desktop publishing, document e-mail, EDI, and fax communication equipment.

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